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Multipurpose Indoor Synthetic Sports & Gym Flooring

We are the leading indoor sports flooring company,  we have installed in athletic facilities, educational buildings, residential recreation, fitness centers and religious institutions. Our expertise guarantees performance, comfort, safety and durability.

Acrylic All Weather Outdoor Sports Surface

Our acrylic system comprises a high quality prefabricated and specially formulated acrylic coating resulting in an extremely durable impervious surface offering maximum comfort and consistent ball bounce, As well as having excellent durability the cushioning effect will remain constant throughout seasonal temperature variations and over many years of use. The uniform thickness of the mat ensures true ball bounce on all areas of the court. The coating can be adjusted to meet the slip resistance requirements for other sports such as netball, basketball and five-a-side. This makes it the ideal surface choice for Multi Use Games Areas (MUGAs).

Indoor and Outdoor interlocking polypropylene tiles are the highest level of safety and performance for play courts, highly resistant to sun, rain. Polypropylene Tiles surfaces require minimum maintenance, excellent value, and can be installed on flat hard surfaces and are absolutely maintenance free & ready to play for 24/7.  

Since the tile are perforated for draining system and does not have any issues of water stagnation. Easy to install remove and re-lay without any hassles or damages.

Anti UV coated, fire retardant long lasting and available in various attractive colours.

Our Wooden flooring systems are designed for multipurpose facilities for sports, stages and dance floors, etc

The built-in shock-absorption is equally suitable for indoor games and other activities. Wooden flooring system is an environmentally friendly product bases on natural and renewable resources. 

Product Range: Pre-engineered Multipurpose Wood Floor System, hardwood floor system for Basketball, Badminton, Squash & various other Sports applications in various species like Maple, Teak, Oak etc 

Approved by WSF

We provide the World class Squash Courts designed and constructed with combination of Plaster, the free floating resilient wooden sports flooring system, “Free Standing Glass Back Wall” the most practical and popular choice and other imported accessories. The company’s wealth of experience assures you of getting the sound counsel ending up with the best facility your money can buy.

Product Range:  Hard Plaster, Maple Flooring, Toughened Glass, Sensor Tin & Metal Hardware.

We offer a range of synthetic turfs for various sports applications like Cricket, Soccer, Rugby, Hockey, Golf, Tennis courts and lounges, The products are specifically developed for top-class performances and meet the most stringent criteria and highest standards required for the sport. It will provide optimum playing comfort and maximum safety for players. In additional maintenance costs are low and artificial turfs offer a high durability. 

Safety surfacing to cushion falls and avoid the risk of injuries to children. The base is cast in place from rubber crumb and clear polyurethane binder and a topping of colored EPDM granule is applied, also using clear polyurethane binder.

The complete system is porous to water and can be customized according to the surface designs you need. It’s also tested for Critical Fall height to European and American Standards.

Children need a safe and inspiring playground, whether in their own yard, in a public park or on the school ground. Pro Surface offers a vast range of Play Stations.

We supply all kinds of sports equipment like poles, goal posts, etc

We deal with all kinds of Residential & Commercial Wooden Floors.

The majority of decks built today are made of wood. The main reason people choose wood is for the initial cost savings. The main reason people choose composite or man made deck materials is for the low maintenance required. …Wood decking is cheaper to install, but requires more maintenance.

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